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  • Michael says:


    I would like to know if i could gain some information about a current situation i am going through.

    Basically my partner and i have had a large fight and she has asked me to leave our home.

    I want to know if someone could help me with a spell to try and get over our rift and love each other like we have never loved each other before.

    I have been out of the home for approximatly 6 weeks and we do have a child together so i would like us to be a loving family unit once again.

    I have seen my bad ways as her and i used to bicker and fight over the smallest of things, but now i realize that we were both immature about it all and i want to reconcile and start afresh.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thankyou in advance


    • Kathy says:

      Hi Michael,
      I am happy to offer some help but please understand that the information is from my prospective only and is given as guidance only, if it does not sit well with you then please disregard it and only go with what feels right for you.
      As I do not know how far your understanding of Wicca goes or if you even use Wicca at all, I will try to keep it simple.
      First and for most what ever you decide to do, it must be done when you are calm and from the heart and with purity of thought, otherwise you may incur the three-fold -law (similar to the law of karma).
      Starting on the third night before the Full Moon, take some time out, (no phones, you do not want to be disturbed) go outside when it is dark under the Moon and sit quietly and think about your partners and your life together (without anger or resentment), think about what went wrong from your side only…… don’t think about your partners short comings. Breath deeply and let go of everything else, close your eyes and try to gently meditate……. don’t beat yourself up on anything….. we all make mistakes.
      You can take as long or as little time as you like or require with this. Now open your eyes, look up at the Waxing Moon and in your mind go through what you feel is necessary to help resolve this situation…….. and now the hard bit……. speak to the Universe (doesn’t have to be loud, just in a quiet voice), tell the Universe what you need and ask whether it will transpire within the for-see-able future. Don’t use words like ” She has to, or she must,” etc, that is stepping on her free-will and personal rights.This is from your perspective and what you are wishing for.
      Be clear, honest and believe in what you are doing……. above all…. you must TRUST in what you are doing and know that what you send out to the Universe will come back to you. You can also put a time line on this….. as in…. ” please show me something, give me some sign before the next full Moon” (just as an example). Then you need to let it go and trust that something will transpire……. do not spend time thinking about what you have “put out there”…… as doubt creates fear and that you don’t in fact trust……
      Do this for three nights before the Full Moon as on the night of the Full Moon you will bring it to its Maximum Energy. The night of the Full Moon take with you outside (somewhere quiet where you wont be disturbed) a tea-lite candle in a glass holder, a picture of your partner (small one), a small rose quartz (tumbled stone is ok), A piece of white cloth (about size of a mans hanky), some dry rose petals and leaves, length of pink ribbon or wool and a piece of paper and a pen.
      Sit out under the Full Moon and remember the good times, relax, breath deeply and focus on the Moon…… light your candle and place it near the photo, place the photo on the white cloth…..again thinking about what your wishing for… (take your time), hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes and think about the love you and your partner share, then place the crystal on the photo, write yours and your partners name on the paper and then briefly write down what you have been asking for over the past three nights (from your heart). Hold the paper between your palms, then place it under the photo, then sprinkle the petals over the top of the photo and crystal (pls ensure petals are dried). Again looking at the Full Moon send your heart felt wish out to the Universe and ask for a response time…….. remembering to give the Universe a bit of time to work on your behalf… Once you are happy with what you have done, bring the corners of the cloth together and tie them with the ribbon, as you do this say three times “For The Good Of All, So Mote It Be.” and at the end say “Blessed Be.”
      Sit for a few minutes holding your parcel and give thanks to the Goddess Full Moon and the Universe and Trust that what you have put out there will come back to you……. in saying that, it may not be exactly what you want but what the Universe sees as best for you or maybe even some Karmic debt that needs to be worked out/off. Blow out the candle and find some where safe to place your parcel, this needs to be inside where you reside, but not where you will see it everyday…… you must let go and not worry about it or under-estimate what you have done…… TRUST.
      Depending on your time line given, be aware of any subtle signs that may be given or shown to you…… keep your Wiccan work between you and the Universe you do not need anyone- else’s input on this, ok, it is a private matter.
      I hope this has been of service to you, it may or may not work……. but it has for me many times on different things…… I trust in the Wiccan way and the three-fold-law that goes with it. Much of society is still living in the dark ages and thinks that Wicca is black magic…… couldn’t be more from the truth. (You may print this out to take outside with you, to help prompt you as you work.)
      As I am unaware of you and your partners life and what has/hasn’t transpired to cause this rift in the first place, this is probably the best I can do for you…….. please acknowledge that this is my personal advice and you are under no obligation to try it or use it. You must realize that it may be time out you both need or there may be another influence. Remember Everything happens for a reason and whatever is meant to happen, I hope things turn out well for you…… May the Goddess bless you and help you always.
      Take care Michael, kind regards Kathy……… Blessed Be.

  • Patricia says:

    need help , i hear voices and they see and feel everything i do , i hear there voices and know who they are . Could u please help me

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