A Home Protection Chant is for those who prefer not to do spells or lengthy ritual work, but still wish to have protection around their home.

You will need a sage smudge stick, the size of the stick depends on the size of your home, the amount of rooms you have and the amount of entry points (including windows).

On the night of the Full Moon light your sage smudge stick and go from room to room drawing the figure 8 (8 on its side) in the air with the smudge stick, ensuring you do it infront of windows and doors.

The figure 8 on its side is the symbol for an unbroken link as the 8 goes around within itself with no breaks…. The Symbol of Infinity.

As you do each room perform this Home Protection Chant  (or something similar)

“Please Universe protect my home and property from all intruders, severe weather damage and negative energy.”

Once you have done all your rooms, do the  main entry points (front and back doors).

Then go outside and do the perimeter of your property including gates, garages, sheds and fences.

When you are finished, give thanks to the Universe/Goddess, and trust that your work is done.

Put out you smudge stick safely and say these words:

“For The Good Of All, So Mote It Be.”


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