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Find Your Totem Animals & Spirit Guides

This is not just about finding and working with Totem Animals, though it all but hands you Animal Spirit Guides …Read the Rest

Yule Songs: Pagan Solstice Songs and Carols    *

At last, Pagan Yule Songs and Solstice Carols — the Wiccan solution to overplayed Christmas Carols… New Pagan lyrics to …Read the Rest

The Wiccan Way  (The Wicca Spirituality Rede)    *

I keep this wisdom as I may To follow in the Wiccan Way; The Wiccan Rede — the vital one: …Read the Rest

Wicca Spirituality Homepage

Aren’t you tired of those sites and books that tell you this and that without explaining WHY? lifts the …Read the Rest

Ancestors Chant to Save the World this Samhain *

Ancestors Chant, by Colombe — Samhain is just around the corner, the time when we connect with our ancestors….

Being A Witch: Wicca & Witch Craft Today

Witch craft is fascinating. It’s exhilarating! Everything about it has you eager to jump in. Except for one little thing… …Read the Rest

A Christian Speaks On The Faith And Path Of Wicca  *

Many Christians believe anyone who is not a Christian is doomed to hell. Any decent person, believing this, would be …Read the Rest

Bible Predictions For 2011 and  2012 *

What are the bible predictions for 2011 and 2012? How reliable are they? And what do they really mean? Let’s …Read the Rest

Drawing Down The Moon In Wicca   *

Drawing Down The Moon is a core Wiccan practice: invoking and filling you with the Divine Essence of the Goddess. …Read the Rest

2012 and Galactic Alignment  *

The year 2012 as a time of great change is very much tied in with the Galactic Alignment. But what …Read the Rest

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